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Kevin and Beth, owners

Since 1991, I have coached and trained over 30,000 individuals, including inner city youth, college and professional athletes and refugee youth in boxing and martial arts. The guiding principle of my instruction over these last 29 years has been the idea that all great things must be guided by love. The latter is where I most fully live. Fear and anger are not inherently bad, but both can be wonderful servants or terrible masters. I discovered over time that playing and training from a place of joy and love allows me to be the greatest version of myself.
Teaching a diverse population of great souls has given me a wonderful laboratory to test out this belief of love conquering fear. Fear contracts and love expands. Fear drives us apart and love brings us tighter. Our community of boxers have all realized that they have more in common than not in common. The impetus has been love and acceptance. Our gym has proven again and again that thousands of small miracles create opportunities for good souls to self actualize for the better and say yes to live over and over again.

For 13 years, I was a stay-at-home mom with three kids. My expertise was dirty diapers, running noses, and saying "no." I loved it, but as the years passed and my kids got older, I felt the need to rejoin the world of grownups. I just didn't know how. I worked at a nursery, was the executive director of a nonprofit, dabbled in writing, taught kickboxing, worked for Fisher Price (prepping kids for commercials), and did freelance marketing/communication work. I needed to find my niche. I needed something that made me feel like "THIS matters to me." LOVE CONQUERS FEAR is it. For me, these three simple words are a philosophy, a cheer, a mantra. Fear creates a "me" vs "you" world, invites suspicion, judgement, doubt. Love is so much easier. Love allows for "us," camaraderie, acceptance. Love allows us to overcome all the crazy divisiveness in the world, join forces, cheer each other on, celebrate each other's stories. Fear or love? Seems like an insanely obvious choice.

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